A real Bauhaus classic: Our canopy bands and canopy elements reflect the unpretentious formal repertory of modernity. They decorate the entrance area especially well.

GINKGO textile concrete roofs are designed as cantilever roofs with raised fillets along the building wall, and a linear front enclosure.

Concisely emphasized: Precise lighting can create elegant accents and highlight individual zones to great effect. For fitting lights and spots, we offer a bottom-sided cladding with cement fibreboards. At additional cost, an illuminated ceiling with an inner LED light band and sub-slung transparent polycarbonate sheets is possible.

Standard + Extras
Canopy support on cantilevered steel beams which are anchored into the wall
(statics of the wall anchorage has to be ensured by the buyer).
Joints with silicone sealing or simple light grey plastic seal lip
(Extra charge for joint profile of coloured aluminum plate, 5 cm wide and screwed)

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