Performance of Ginkgo Textile Concrete

Ginkgo Textile Concrete can provide you with the technology for the licensed production of precast prestressed concrete elements and supply gripper tools and the corresponding carbon fabrics. The patent rights are held by Ginkgo Textilbeton.

If you are interested in using our technology, please contact us.


Fields of application for textile prestressing are

Pi plates and trapezoidal plates:

+ Pi-Plate


+ trapezoidal folds (for roofs, ceilings and walls)

with and without foam concrete insulation (as fire, heat and sound insulation)


Trapezoidal folds without foam concrete insulation


Trapezoidal folds with foam concrete insulation


Example of a garage covered with trapezoidal elements: element height 24 cm, span 8.71 m, shell thickness 4 cm.


(2019 Berlin)


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