Colour scale

Pigmentation for fountain bowl and canopy
(light grey, middle grey, anthracite, terracotta red, leaf-green, ochre, ivory)

Coating for all products
(light grey, middle grey, anthracite, terracotta red, ruby red, leaf-green, ochre, ivory)

Colour coating

No more moss: Our coloured shell coatings are based on synthetic resins or polyurethane and stand up to any weather. We generally offer almost smooth surfaces to avoid moss formation (see colour-catalogue).

Pavillon granulation (approx. 0 - 1 mm).
Smaller granulation for all other products (0 - 0,25 mm).

Exposed concrete: For exposed concrete surfaces you can choose between brown and anthracite tones or colour pigmented surfaces in felted optic. We will gladly consult you.


Colour aberration from original product may be caused by printing. Therefore, please do not mind asking for our material samples.

Porous concrete surfaces can gather moss. This doesn't represent any product defect. Smooth and partly elastic coatings prevent most moss formation.

Carbon fiber laying only absorbs force by expansion and become structurally effective. Hairline cracks could arise, however, our coatings are mostly crack bridging. Only in pigment dyeing hairline cracks remain visible and can become dirty.

If the admission on a single case is not accepted by the respective admission authority in a federal state, delivery is not possible. The current legal procedures don’t include type approvals at federal level in Germany.